Rear Hub Cap, Chrome 8-1/8" ID 320

Rear Hub Cap, Chrome 8-1/8" ID 320

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Chrome rear hub cap. 

Fits 8-1/2" diameter axle with eight 3/4" studs. (ID 8-1/8"). 

Popular fit for most Volvo and International Trucks.

PN Mag-320

Tip: if the rear hub cap is a little loose or too tight, check the nut corners and slightly adjust outward for a tighter fit or inward for a secure fit.

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SKU: Mag-320


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  • I have a three-piece chrome rear wheel axle cover that includes a chrome beauty ring, a hub cover, and a removable cap... (this is the cap that I lost on the road one day and I want to replace... not the regular hubcap that affixes itself onto the eight nuts and studs used to bolt in the axle. I just need to clear this up because I thought the part number was #340 however the representative from Think Roadmaster. com said that hubcap #320 is what I need. I do not believe we were on "The same page" and I really would like to get this right first try because regular hubcaps would not fit. Thank for your help, James Corsey


    If your current 3-piece axle cover is a Roadmaster 340 series axle cover then the replacement cap would be a 320 (chrome) or a 320S (Stainless Steel).   Mag-320 / Mag-320S will fit a Roadmaster 340 axler cover.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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