Front ABS Chrome Axle Cover with Threaded Nuts Covers 217P

  • $61.42

Front ABS Chrome Axle Cover with 10 screw on nut covers. Many truck drivers choose ABS plastic chrome for its long lasting shine and durability.  ABS chrome plastic will not chip, rust or corrode . 

  • Fits steel or aluminum wheels with 33mm lug nuts.
  • Must have a least 3 threads on the lug nut for the nut covers to hole the assembly.
  • Uses replacement nut covers Mag-111PFL

Part Number Mag-217P

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    SKU: Mag-217P


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    • Do you sell the tool that puts on the 33 mm nut. Do you have a phone

      Hi Gary

      The tool used with the threaded nut covers 111PFL and 111FL-PP is  part number Mag-217P-T (5.99) each

      Thank you 

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