ABS Axle Cover Guide

with 33mm threaded screw-on nut covers

Front axle covers part number 217P and 214PP and Rear axle covers (part numbers 344P and 337PP) come with 33mm threaded nut covers. A typical application requires minimum of 3 threads (approximately 1/4”) to secure the axle cover to the wheels. 



Not enough threads or you have a 1-1/2” budd style nut — no problem!  These axle covers can be used with push on nut covers.

with Push-on nut covers

When insufficient threads exist on the wheel studs, you can use push-on style nut covers by simply using 2 retaining rings (part number 217S-3)


  • ABS axle covers can be used with 33mm and 1-1/2” push-on style nut covers.
  • Remove two lug nuts (opposite sides) from the wheel .
  • Aluminum wheels use the rim protector (included), between the rim and the axle cover. Steel wheels you can discard the plastic rim protector.
  • Replace the two lug nuts, using the supplied retainer ring to secure the axle cover to the wheel.
  • Torque the nuts per manufacturer recommendations.